Fan Gallery

The Fan Gallery is part of the continuing Worldcon/NASFiC Exhibits. It is displayed at Worldcons in North America, and at NASFiC when Worldcon is overseas. It may be displayed at other conventions, upon prior arrangement, for example Loscon (L.A. area, Thanksgiving weekend). In situations where limited space is available, a subset of the Fan Gallery is shown.

What is the Fan Gallery?

The Fan Gallery currently consists of more than 200 color 5×7 snapshots, mounted in 8×10 frames. The pictures are individual photos, not group shots, except for the “Worldcon Chairs” groupings and some “couple shots.” Typically the pictures are displayed on pegboard, using pegboard hooks and binder clips.

Where is the Fan Gallery?

The Fan Gallery photos are packed in a shipping case in the L.A. area, where they remain between appearances.

Some of the people in the Fan Gallery Contents list have a little propellor beanie [photo available] next to their names, indicating that there’s a small version of their photo online. As we get photos scanned in and uploaded, and as new photos are added to the collections, you’ll see more of these – check back again in a month

Who’s in the Fan Gallery?

Fans who should be known outside their region for their contribution to fandom.”

These are some of the qualifications that might apply to the collection. This list is approximate — we don’t have photos of everyone in each category, and some people belong in the Fan Gallery for reasons not explained here. It’s not an exact science, okay? If you would like to suggest people we ought to include, please send e-mail to and we’ll take it under consideration.

  • Fan Hugo Winners
  • International Fan Fund winners, including TAFF, DUFF, GUFF, FFANZ.
  • Worldcon Fan Guests of Honor (FGOH) and NASFiC Fan GOHs
  • Worldcon Chairs and NASFiC Chairs
  • Fan-related Worldcon Special Award Winners
  • Fan Hugo nominees
  • Other Big Name Fans and Well-Known Fans, such as people who have been FGOH at conventions outside their region, other prominent fan writers, editors, artists, major con runners (e.g. department head outside of their home region), chairs and FGOHs from other major conventions (such as national conventions), prolific letterhacks, prominent fannish webmasters, especially active newsgroup/mailing list posters, and major traveling party hosts.

Who do we want to add to the Fan Gallery?

Our “Fan Gallery Expansion” is currently underway as of Spring 2021… we will have more details about it later in the year.  If you think you might be able to help us, please write to before you proceed.

Who’s in charge of the Fan Gallery?

The Fan Gallery is a project of the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc. (SCIFI) and was funded from the “Benefit to Fandom” money left over from the 1996 Worldcon surplus