The Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc., more popularly known as SCIFI, is an organization devoted to the production of science fiction conventions and events in the Los Angeles area, as well as benefitting greater science fiction fandom in California, the United States, and around the world.

(For starters, we don’t pronounce SCIFI like the popular diminutive for ‘science fiction’, but in fact just like it looks phonetically: skiffy.)

We have been the organizers of many popular events in Los Angeles (see our Past Conventions page for details); provided funding to other events; lend our technology to local conventions; contributed to popular science fiction fan funds; and foster relationships with other charitable and beneficial organizations. We administer the annual Rotsler Awards (named after the popular late SF artist William Rotsler), as well as the SCIFI Fan Gallery.

Board of Directors

Officers (2024-2025 Session)

Jerome Scott, Chair
Genny Dazzo, Vice Chair, Conventions
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, Vice Chair, Projects
Elayne Pelz, Treasurer & Corresponding Secretary
Shaun Lyon, Recording Secretary

Members of the Board

Bobbi Armbruster
Sherri Benoun
Kim Marks Brown
Colleen Crosby
Shawn Crosby
Sandy Cohen
Bruce Farr
Lea Farr
Cathy Johnson
Dean Johnson
Joyce Lloyd
Christian B. McGuire
Craig Miller
Alec Orrock
Randall Shepherd

Past Members of the Board

Brett Achorn
Lynn Boston Baden
Chaz Boston Baden
Ron Bounds
Robbie Bourget
James Briggs
Jordan Brown
David Butterfield
Cheryl Chapman
Gavin Claypool
Patrice Cook
Linda Daniel
James Stanley Daugherty
Kathryn Daugherty
Dan Deckert
Denise Deckert
Michael Donahue
Diana Dougherty
Ed Finkelstein
Connor Foss
Rick Foss
Mike Frank
Alan Frisbie
Glenn Glazer
Mike Glyer
Ed Green
Lisa Greene
Stacey Hallman
Sue Haseltine
Mary Jane Jewell
George Jumper
Rick Katze
Gary Louie
Marty Massoglia
Charles Matheny
Dennis Miller
Linda Miller
June Moffatt
Len Moffatt
Liz Mortensen
Lex Nakashima
Fuzzy Pink Niven
Bob Null
Fred Patten
Bruce Pelz
Allan Rothstein
Drew Sanders
Kathy Sanders
Milt Stevens
Sylvia Stevens
Fang van Took
Alan Winston
Noel Wolfman
Ben Yalow