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Rev. 31-Jan-2014
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2009 Rotsler Award Winner

Dan Steffan

Dan Steffan, of Portland, Oregon, won the Readercon award for the design of Science Fiction Eye. As of July 2010 he has won the Fanzine Activity Achievement (FAAn) award as Best Fanartist four times, and has had one Hugo Award nomination. He was the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate in 1995.

His imagination, his marshalling of detail, and his poignant satire have kept his reputation high for decades. His work is always part of any conversation about excellence in fanzines.

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You'll see he sometimes signs his name on three lines, DAN STEF FAN. Hugo Gernsback's old word scientifiction is still with us, stf for short, pronounced "stef."

Sample of Dan Steffan's fan art. CHUNGA cover Sample of Dan Steffan's fan art. Corflu Zed program book Sample of Dan Steffan's fan art. BANANA WINGS cover Sample of Dan Steffan's fan art. Remembering Sid

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