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2008 Rotsler Award Winner

Taral Wayne

Toronto-area artist Taral Wayne has been nominated seven times for a Hugo Award as Best Fanartist. Writing is also an art; he is a noted fanwriter. History may also be an art; he is a noted fanhistorian. He was Fan Guest of Honour at Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, in Montréal. However, none of these interesting facts is within the scope of the Rotsler.

Taral's work is by turns serious, sexy, and satirical, with a fluent line and strong composition. At home with space equipment and strange creatures, he was also drawing anthropomorphic animals long before most in North America had heard of animé or manga.

Here are a few samples.

Sample of Taral's fan art Sample of Taral's fan art. NCC ENERGUMEN. Sample of Taral's fan art. You DON'T understand! I AM a robot. Sample of Taral's fan art. Front cover for the fanzine FILE 770.

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